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Thermionik Amps by Kazrog – GREAT GUITAR AMP VSTs


Today’s video is from my new house, sorry about the wobbling camera as the laptop is perched on me. I’ll get a desk.

The guitars for this track are run through TSE Audio’s 808 Tubescreamer plugin, then Thermionik, which is an incredible set of amps. The cab loader is Recabinet (by the same guy), the IR is Rosen digital’s American Custom, and at parts of this video there is no buss processing, I talk about when it’s in use. There is no mastering or 2-bus processing AT ALL, the amps just sound that good!

The amps I tested were:
Mesa Dual Rectifier 2 Channel
Marshall JCM800
Friedman BE100
Mesa Mark IIC+
Mesa Mark IV
Peavey 5150

There are more amps in the set but this is metal, right?

Go to http://kazrog.com/products/thermionik/ to get these for a free 14 day trial, and $12.99 per amp which is in my opinion an absolute bargain.

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