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Speaker Burn-in – is it necessary? Breaking in the Celestion Redback and Alnico Cream


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2BmdkFP

We just took delivery of the lovely new 150W Celestion Redback speaker and Alnico Cream, and the need breaking in, don’t they? What’s that all about then?

The story goes that speakers, like pairs of shoes, need to be used and worn in to get to the state they were designed for. Some sources say this happens in the first hour, some in 24 or 36 hours, and some over a period of years.
In the interest of time, we recorded the speaker in a 2×12 cabinet at a reasonably loud volume using an SM57 and a 421 on a bass-heavy tone to get the speakers moving. We took recordings when brand new, at 1 hour in, and 24 hours in.

There’s an sE R1 Ribbon in front of the cab in the video, but that wasn’t used, the recording for this video was the Redback only.

5:48 – Brand New
6:00 – After 1 Hour
6:12 – After 24 Hours

6:23 – Brand New Soloed
6:31 – After 1 hour Soloed
6:39 – After 24 hours soloed

7:32 – Clip A
7:46 – Clip B
8:01 – Clip C

Big thanks to Celestion for sending the Redback and Alnico Cream for demo and review.


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