Home covers and originals “Silence” – THD HOTPLATE DEMO
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New music video! This one is to prove a point, that you can make great sounding music whilst making no noise – or at least none discernable from the next room.

To do this, (using real tube amps!!!) I used a THD Hot Plate – this took the speaker output of my Peavey 6505+ and gave a line out signal, which when passed into my DAW (Reaper) was given a cab through Torpedo Wall of Sound.

Even the bass went through the 6505+ for that crunchy in your face bass tone! Because I wasn’t worried about blowing any speakers up I could drive the power stage quite hard for that nice compression you just can’t get in a software amp (unless you’re willing to pay about 2 grand (cough cough AXE-FX cough)).

The drums were tracked on my Jobeky custom electro kit through a Roland TD9 to Slate Drums.

All mixed with the Slate Everything bundle.

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