Here is a list of some of the gear we have available for you to use in getting the best product possible

a custom-built silent i7 Audio Production PC (set to be capable of video sync for ADR)
We can use Pro Tools but our favourite DAW is Reaper
We proudly use 20x BBC AM13 Pre-amps (taken straight from the Philharmonic Hall in Manchester’s now-demolished BBC Oxford Road buildings)
The heart of the system (mostly used for A/D and D/A) is the Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 and Octopre MKII Dynamic, with an Alesis AI3 Rounding out the channel count
One of our favourite toys is our LA Audio mic splitter – we can send the same mic out to 4 different mic pres at once to get a real mix of flavours
an extensive collection of host plugins – EQs, Limiters, compressors, reverbs, delays and everything else you could need to satisfy your imagination
We also have Peavey, Marshall, Ampeg, Mesa/Boogie, Hughes & Kettner amplifiers and Zilla cabs available – we can find a tone to suit your style
We also have fully weighted and unweighted electric pianos which work beautifully with our collection of MIDI instruments
We use our custom built Jobeky electro-acoustic kit on most sessions. By using this we cut out the time it would take to set up a kit whilst delivering a high quality sound – efficiency x quality = a great product and saves you money.
Alternatively, we have a Pearl Masters Custom kit if you prefer to use an acoustic kit for your product.

Special Goodies
At the heart and soul of our studio are our prized BBC AM-7 Pre-amps from BBC Manchester’s historic Studio 7. You don’t see these anywhere anymore and definitely not in this good condition. We have over 20 of these amazing Class A pre-amps at both High Gain and Line Level. If you want to record a live session in our Live Room then you can and you can do it through these amazing vintage pre-amps – they also give a great warmth to any vocal recording. We have high gain pre-amps for vocals and also line level pre-amps for instruments such as electric pianos.
Our signal chain is explained a bit more in the console section if you’re into this kind of stuff. For monitoring we use our crystal clear Adam A7Xs for recording and also a pair of NS10s for A/B mixing and mastering.
Artists such as Radiohead have played through these pre-amps in a BBC Live Session – here is a clip of them in action:

Until it was demolished in 2012 Studio 7 was the Award-winning Classical Music recording studio. It was the home of the BBC Philharmonic. The Halle Orchestra and Record companies such as BMG Classics, Chandos, Decca, Deutsche Grammophon are amongst those who have used this excellent recording studio.

Allen & Heath GL33000
We have reengineered the way that it is used to create a bespoke studio setup. We run mics through the clear channels of the Allen & Heath to get a nice high input gain. Then we go through the Class A BBC High Gain line pre-amps to get the warm transformer quality before going into our DAW. This basically transforms a standard live desk into a 1970s Class A desk with a BBC sound you won’t find anywhere else
In its heyday it was a £32,000 classic digital console. When it was built in the early 90s it revolutionised the way studios worked. Today, we use it as a big automated mouse. We painstakingly routed all of the desks parameters through to our modern DAW to give us a 48 channel control surface. All channel parameters are automated. The on board timecode referenced computer automates EQ, pan, aux sends, bus assignments, etc., The smooth motorized faders and the indicators on the DMC1000′s rotary encoders give an instant visual indication of the state of the console at any time. We mostly use this for film sound to automate audio in perfect sync with the visual aspect.

Other Equipment
We are guitar enthusiasts at heart and with this we have gathered a huge variation of guitars over the years. We try and keep as broad of spectrum of guitars as we can, but if there is a specific request then please call ahead and we will do our best to accommodate.
We take pride in our microphone collection , because we don’t always go with the grain and we test every microphone we can and only go with the ones we find work best in every situation rather than go with Big names blindly. Having said that, if a specific microphone works well with your voice then we can always hire in equipment as needed.

Our Favourite microphones include a transformerless modified Shure SM57, a Blue Ball Class-A dynamic mic, the Rode NT3 and the infamous Shure SM7-b, the same mic as used by Michael Jackson on all his early recordings.
(Special requests, Instruments and Backline are available for hire)