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Hart Guitars KT6 and FF5 Demo


Hart Guitars – https://www.hart-guitars.com

On demo today are the Hart Guitars KT6 and a custom Fanned Fret 5-string bass. The playing’s not the tighest ever, but we just wanted to demo some bright, aggressive tones and smooth-playing solo stuff that this guitar was capable of.

Bass Tones are a darkglass B7K, through a Tech21 Landmark and SVT 810 cab.

Guitar tones are Kazrog Thermionik preamps, through a Peavey Windsor 120W EL34 power section, through a Zilla Fatboy with V30 and K100 speakers.

HOW TO ROCK is a series by me, Adam Steel, at the Hop Pole Studios in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester, England.

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