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Celestion Plus Impulse Responses – Part 4 – METAL


Today’s video demonstrates the possibilities for different metal tones using the new Celestion Plus Impulse Responses, and the same amp in each case. It’s incredible how much the speaker and cab alone can change things!

These are all captured with an SM57, a Sennhiser 421, Royer R121 ribbon, and a separate Room mic, all with different tones from being in different positions, and also provided are ready-blended impulses so you can upload a single file to your Axe-Fx, Kemper, Two Notes Torpedo or other hardware impulse loader, or even keep things simple in software.

Celestion Plus impulses can be found HERE:- http://www.celestionplus.com/

Intro can be found HERE:- https://youtu.be/lABIsTuOmWM

Virtual amps used from Thermionik by Kazrog – http://kazrog.com/products/thermionik/

Big thanks to Celestion for providing the IRs for demo and review.


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