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This final part in the series is the Vintage 30, Creamback H, M and Neo, EVH, Lynchback and K100 back to back so you can compare them in one video. This time, they’re separated out so it’s the same performance section on each speaker for a more direct comparison.

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This series is an attempt to show how different speakers affect guitar tone in heavy Rock and Heavy Metal. We’re showcasing Celestion speakers, namely the Vintage 30, EVH, Lynchback, K100, and Creamback M, H and Neo.

The guitar parts used are from “Daemons” by The Dead XIII – playthrough video here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuEwG…

The guitars were recorded through Blackstar 1046L6 amps (and we took the DI tracks from after their pedal rigs) and re-amped through the same amp, with the Crunch, OD1 and OD2 channels used in the same settings as the Dead XIII guitarists used on the live performance day.

The Cabinet used was a Zilla Fatbaby 1×12, and the Microphones used were an sE Electronics VR1 Voodoo Ribbon and a Shure SM57.

NO EQ WAS USED AT ALL. No compression, no nothing. If you want to EQ your guitars to fit into a mix, that’s understandable but we wanted you to know what they sound like straight off the desk.

Thanks to Celestion for the Speakers: – http://www.celestion.com

Thanks to Blackstar Amps for the 104 6L6 – http://www.blackstaramps.com

Thanks to Zilla Cabs for the Fatbaby 1×12 – http://www.zillacabs.com

Thanks to sE Electronics for the VR1 Voodoo Ribbon – http://www.seelectronics.com