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4×12 vs 2×12 vs 1×12 Guitar Cab comparison:- All ZIlla, all Vintage 30


3:23 4×12 Full Mix
3:50 2×12 Full Mix
4:17 1×12 Full Mix

4:44 4×12 Rhythm Only
4:55 2×12 Rhythm Only
5:05 1×12 Rhythm Only

5:15 4×12 Clean Only
5:25 2×12 Clean Only
5:35 1×12 Clean Only

5:45 4×12 Solo
5:57 2×12 Solo
6:10 1×12 Solo

We’ve previously compared the sounds of a 4×12 guitar cabinet compared to a 2×12 and a 1×12, but now we’re trying our best to level the playing field.

All 3 of the cabs are by Zilla, same depth and construction type, all made from Birch, all with 16 ohm Celestion Vintage 30s in, and all with the mics in the same positions and the amp on exactly the same settings, impedance matched and so on.

Any differences you hear now are a direct result of the difference in cabinet size, and number of speakers. Whatever you think is better or worse, draw your own conclusions!

Previous cab comparison video here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bfnhuLO98I

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